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Getting Started

  • How can I get a price?

    Our "Instant Quote" feature gives you a simple way to find out the cost of your project. Just enter the number of words in your document, choose the currency and languages and then click the "Calculate Quote" button. The price will be automatically calculated and will include any discounts for volume.
    For more complex projects (those with hundreds or thousands of pages of text) or if you cannot see the languages you require, or would like to discuss your project in more detail, please contact us
  • Which service level should I choose?

    Corporate Translation Services offer two levels of service you can choose from:

    Translations conducted using our Gold Service are carried out by native speakers and give the highest standards of accuracy. Please allow 2 business days turnaround time for this service.
    An Express Service 24 hour service is available by special arrangement. Please email us for details.
  • How do you charge and what are the rates?

    Corporate Translation Services charge on a per word basis for every language. Rates vary depending on the level of service required, the language type and the number of words in your document. You can select one of three currencies: US Dollars, British Pounds and Euros. Use our "Instant Quote" feature on the home page to view rates by currency and language.
    When you are ready to upload your document for translation, just click on the “Translate Now!” button on the home page and place your order.
  • How is volume pricing calculated?

    Volume pricing applies to all orders over 10,000 words. The more words you need translated, the larger the discount you will receive.

    For example:

    Discounts will be applied as follows:
    First 5,000 words – No Discount
    5,001 – 10,000 words – 10% Discount
    10,001 – 20,000 words – 12% Discount
    20,001 – 40,000 words – 15% Discount
    40,001 – 80,000 words – 20% Discount
    80,001 – 160,000 words – 30% Discount
    160,001 – 320,000 words – 40% Discount
    320,001 – 1000,000 words – 50% Discount
  • Why are your exchange rates different from the current rates?

    Our charges are not automatically adjusted to reflect small fluctuations in exchange rates. Our customers tell us that it helps them with budgeting when we use a fixed exchange rate. It also ensures that our pricing remains most competitive.

Documents & Files

  • Which document types can you translate?

    Please ensure that all documents you submit to Corporate Translation Services are in any of the following formats:

    • .doc (Microsoft Word)
    • .rtf
    • .txt
    • .pdf
    • .htm
    • .html
  • How can I retrieve my translated documents?

    When your translation is ready we will return it to you by email.
  • How do I view documents that use different characters?

    Corporate Translation Services translate from English into many languages, some of which use different character sets. When you receive your translated document, the document will only display correctly if your computer supports the language in question.
    If you are using a Windows operating system, you can download support for double-byte character sets from Microsoft.
    • If you are using Internet Explorer 4.0 or above, please click here. Just choose the language required.
    • Tick the box for your language support needs.
    • Click "Download Software" and follow the prompts through the installation.
      Note: This language update will cause your system to reboot.
      The next time you open your translated Word document, you will see the document in it’s appropriate character set.

Translations & Translators

  • Which languages do you translate?

    Our team of over 100 professional translators will translate all of your documents between any of the following languages:

    English (all versions), German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Finish, Danish, Dutch, Russian, Buelorussian, Ukrainian, Moldavian, other CIS states languages (Georgian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Kyrghiz, Kazakh, Turkmen etc.), Latin, Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Polish, Rumanian, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Bosnian, Serbo-Croatian, Hungarian, Albanian, Greek, Afrikaans, Hebrew, Hatian Creole, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, Korean, Farsi, Arabic, Afghan, Kurdish, Indonesian, Filipino, Malay, Vietnamese, Laotian.

    Other language translations are also available on request. Please contact us if the language you require is not listed above.
  • Who are your translators?

    Our large team of translators come from all corners of the world. Corporate Translation Services only use native speakers and only those who are highly experienced in translation. Our translators are experts in general translation, technical translation, business translation, marketing translation, financial translation, legal translation, medical translation, website translation and software localization to name but a few.
  • When will my translation be ready?

    Corporate Translation Services have two main types of translation each with a different level of service:
    • Our FREE Service allows immediate machine based text & web page translation. This service is only for the most basic and non-critical translations.
    • Translations conducted using our Gold Service are carried out by native speakers and give the highest standards of accuracy. Please allow 2 business days turnaround time for this service.

    An Express Translation Service with 24 hour turnaround is also available by special request.


  • Is your web site secure?

    Corporate Translation Services operate a fully secure environment for placing translation orders. You can be confident that all orders and communication with us are fully protected. Corporate Translation Services use WorldPay & PayPal to ensure a 100% secure shopping experience.

  • Which Credit & Debit Cards do you accept?

    Corporate Translation Services use WorldPay & PayPal for all our online payments. You can pay using a wide range of credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Switch, American Express, JCB, Diners, Laser and Electron.

  • Will I receive an invoice?

    For all translations (except our FREE machine translations) we can email you an invoice after completion of the project. We do not normally mail out invoices where a payment has been made by credit card.
  • What is VAT & must I pay it?

    VAT stands for value added tax and is a tax added to all purchases made within the EU (European Union). If you are located in the United States or anywhere outside the EU our ordering system will recognise your address as VAT exempt and you will not be changed this tax.
  • I am a freelance translator. How can I apply for a job in your translation company?

    Our translation company welcomes the opportunity to work with experienced freelance translators and interpreters worldwide. Corporate Translation Services requires all translators to have a professional-level experience in translation or interpretation. A university degree in a technical subject and an established record of performance in commercial translation / interpretation is desireable. We are unable to reply to individual resume submissions, but those candidates who meet the minimum requirements outlined below will be eligible for consideration on future assignments. The following link provides more information about translation jobs.